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Monday, October 10, 2011

Yikes, almost a month since my last post. Bear with me.... Lots to say!

Thomas and I took the boys to a few pumpkin patches this weekend.  We visited Warbington farms and Kinsey farms which are just five miles or so from each other in the Northern end of Cumming.  Kinsey farms we visit each year, lots of pumpkins, yummy stuff to eat, great/clean atmosphere and the photo ops are amazing.  Warbington farms was a new one for us this year due to the fact that they had a Groupon.  It was okay, needs to step it up next year if they want to hang in the fall pumpkin patch madness.  The best part about the Warbington farm was the hayride through a cow field and then feeding the cows.  Never really been that close to a cow, the smell was alarming and the flies all over their backs was both disgusting and sad.  The kids loved it though.  Here are a few pics from our pumpkin patch adventures.

       Just for fun....Here are the pictures of our last three years visiting Kinsey Farms

                                                       October 2009
                                             October 2010
                                            October 2011

In Cupcake News..... I made my first vegan cupcakes.  They were a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter icing.  The icing was delicious, but my cupcake can use some work.  I had heard how moist vegan cupcakes were so I gave it a shot. 

My summer garden is beginning to fade, boo!  I pulled up a lot of stuff like the melons, cucumbers and other vine plants.  I began to worry about my tomatoes, they were all green and the weather was so chilly that I was afraid they would not turn red.  Also, my bell peppers and banana peppers were popping up everywhere so that the plants could not hold uptight.  I did some googling (how did we love without google?) and found some canning recipes.  I canned some green tomato relish and pickled some banana peppers.

                                                               green tomato relish
                                                        pickled banana peppers

I was having a blast canning, and dreaming up what I could can next.  Until I saw this picture during one of my google adventures.
THIS IS NOT MY PANTRY.  I saw this and thought, STOP Gina, just stop.  I do not want to end up like whoever this lady is.  I mean what the heck are those white things?  Looks Ewwww.  Unless I am stocking up for the next Y2K chaos or starting my own Little House on the Prairie General Store, I should stop while I am ahead.

Finally, Dylan got a new bed.  A full size bed with a sports quilt and pillows to go with it.  His bed is very comfortable, he loves it!  My little boy is growing so fast.  Sniff!  Sniff!  Here are some pictures of his bed.

Thank you to my loyal followers who read this far down my seriously long blog, I cannot believe I got so far behind.

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